About Arvorei

Our Mission

To multiply the impact of socially-minded businesses through quality editing, translation, and content creation services.

Our Why

Here at Arvorei, we believe that in order for socially-minded businesses to effect positive change in the world their customer communication must achieve two key objectives: 1) be fully aligned with the values and objectives the company was founded on, 2) communicate clearly with their target audiences, considering culture, language and preferred communication platforms.

Arvorei helps socially-minded businesses maximize their impact through customer-focused communication. When providing editing, translation, and content creation services, we work with businesses to align content and messaging with their mission/values/objectives, while considering the communication needs of their target audiences.

Arvorei Team

Our Roots

Our roots date back to the early 90s when Kim Jacob – Arvorei Founder & President – finished her Commerce degree and ventured out into Vancouver’s not-for-profit sector, looking for a way to make a difference. Her launching pad was Canuck Place Children’s Hospice – a mid-90s startup charity that would become North America’s first hospice for children and carries the name of its founding sponsors and ambassadors: the Vancouver Canucks.

After moving her family to Brazil in 2006, Kim continued to work as a fundraising and communications consultant – with both Canadian and Brazilian causes. She also launched a career in translation, combining her strong communications and language skills with her project and team management expertise.

In 2010, Kim met Sharon Muraco while attending a fundraising seminar hosted by Sharon’s then employer – Instituto Hartmann Regueira. Sharon had already completed a Master’s degree in Education from the University of New Hampshire, Durham, and was providing training and support to Brazilian not-for-profit organizations. She later provided HR strategy consulting to a Brazilian IT company that had been bought by US-based CareerBuilder.

For more than 10 years, the two women have shared a common vision to grow from their experiences living in a different culture and find a meaningful way to give back. Life abroad taught them how important it is to communicate with intention and clarity.