About Arvorei

Our Mission

To help charities and small businesses ‘multiply their good’ through quality content creation, grant writing and translation services.


Our Roots

The word ‘arvorei’ [r – vo – ray] is a Portuguese command verb meaning ‘multiply your good’. As humans, we all innately want to make a positive impact in the world and leave it a better place than when we entered it. How do we accomplish this? By making connections with others to establish meaningful relationships.

Arvorei Communications Group helps charities and small businesses strengthen connections with their donors and clients to make a stronger impact and achieve greater success.

Arvorei Team

This work began in the early 90s when Kim Jacob decided to use her Commerce degree to help make a difference in the world, applying her marketing know-how to raise support for charity. Over the past 25 years, Kim has written hundreds of compelling funding proposals and grant applications,  impactful content for websites and brochures, and creative donor reports and communications content that truly cultivates relationships.

After moving her family to Brazil in 2006, Kim discovered her strong writing skills and passion for languages were the perfect recipe for success in translation. Over the next 12 years, she built up a multi-language translation agency, enabling her to help her clients reach new audiences and cultures. Today, Arvorei brings together a team of professional writers and translators across three continents.

Whether writing grant applications to raise funds for charity, developing content for an online health coaching practice, or translating a book on wellness so that it can reach audiences in other countries, Arvorei helps its clients achieve greater impact and success by creating more meaningful relationships with their customers and supporters.