About Arvorei Communications Group

What Sets us Apart

We are on a mission to increase language accessibility.

Today, there is a growing number of heart-centred entrepreneurs and businesses helping people improve their physical health, mental health, emotional health, relationship health, and the health of the planet. But much of the valuable content they produce is not accessible to people for whom English is a second language — about 80% of the world’s population.

Arvorei is on a mission to grow accessibility to this life-changing content through language. How? By helping mission-driven businesses to communicate and engage with customers in their native language, turning language barriers into language bridges.

We are woman-founded and partner with woman-owned translation businesses.

Founded and run by Kim Jacob of Vancouver, Canada, Arvorei partners with translators in over 20 countries, the majority of whom are women. Each has built her own freelance translation business and, in some cases, two translators have partnered.

We build relationships with our team and support their professional and personal growth.

Every time we bring on board a new translator, the first step is a virtual video call with our founder & president. During these ‘face-to-face’ meetings, Kim often hears “I’ve never actually met like this with any of my clients or agencies. In fact, I rarely even speak with them!” This first connection is followed with regular connections that facilitate building relationships with our team to support them through challenges and celebrate their successes.

As a born collaborator who continually looks for ways to help people connect with others and solve problems, Kim has built Arvorei to be a business that not only builds relationships with its team members, but also supports their professional development. Inspired by the conversations she has had with her team, in May 2022, Kim launched the Translator’s Treehouse to offer her team members and like-minded translators the opportunity for learning and networking via monthly virtual meetings and an online chat group. 

We address three UN Sustainable Development Goals.

While we help expand the reach of mission-driven businesses that are improving the health of people and the planet (SDG 3 and 13), the work we do to grow the language accessibility of these businesses reduces inequality by increasing inclusivity (SDG 10).

Our Roots

Kim Jacob
Kim Jacob, Founder & President

Led by Kim Jacob and Sharon Muraco, the Arvorei team is comprised of marketing, writing and translation professionals who represent more than 20 different countries and cultures. Each one of us takes pride in serving our clients with respect — appreciating our differences that make us unique, stewardship — responding to clients’ needs as if they were our own, and integrity — delivering quality service on time, every time.

Arvorei has its roots in Brazil, where Kim and Sharon met in 2010 through mutual involvement with the charitable sector. They later joined forces providing cross-cultural consulting and translation services to Brazilian and international clients. Today, both married to Brazilians and having lived in Brazil more than 10 years, they know how easily language barriers can be transformed into language bridges so people’s lives can be positively impacted. With a common passion for health & wellness, the best friends are increasing accessibility to online information and support for those who speak English as a second language.

Sharon Muraco
Sharon Muraco, Vice President

A native of Vancouver, Canada, Kim understands the complexities of cross-cultural communication, having lived and worked in Brazil for 11 years and as a wife and mother in a culturally mixed family. A problem solver, collaborator and strong communicator, Kim’s personal interest in health & wellness and social causes, combined with her background in communications, marketing, and translation, enable her to support purpose-driven organizations to grow their businesses and multiply their impact.

A native of Buffalo, New York, Sharon lived 13 years in Brazil where she completed a portion of her master’s in Education. Similar to Kim, Sharon’s experience living and working in Brazil, and in a culturally mixed family, has provided her with a clear understanding of communicating across cultures. A natural relationship builder and collaborator, Sharon brings a refreshing perspective to communicating an organization’s mission and objectives to new audiences.

Visit Our Team page to meet our partners.

Giving Back

While Arvorei’s client base includes not-for-profit organizations, we also provide in-kind marketing & fundraising consulting and translation services to an organization in Brazil and another in Zambia, both of which support women and girls at risk through education, skills-development, and health supports.

In southeastern Brazil, Casa de Mãe (Mother’s House) has been serving women in a low-income community since 2010. Initially launched to teach pregnant women and young mothers how to take care of their health and that of their young children, today, the organization provides women with training in the design and production of handmade crafts to help them build self-esteem, learn employable skills, and financially support their families. 

Beyond their professional competence, Arvorei has the sensitivity necessary to translate the content of our work, which must be communicated in both quantitative and qualitative ways. We are very grateful for this work.

         Michelle Pripas, President
         Casa de Mãe Social Institute · Nova Lima, Brazil

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