Grow your business: market to Brazilians!

Three reasons why you should consider marketing to Brazilians:

  1. They are numerous and accessible: There is an estimated 126 million Brazilians who are digital users1. About 159 million use social media, with Facebook being the most popular social network2 and WhatsApp leading as the top messaging platform – 148 million in 20213.
  2. Brazilians are optimistic and consider the greater good: With a problem-solving mindset, Brazilians are genuinely caring people who respond quickly when others are in need.
  3. Brazilians view ‘first world’ products as being of high quality: You can compete successfully with domestic brands as the quality of your product will stand out simply by nature of where it was developed.

Readying your business to market to Brazil requires more than translating your product and communications copy into Portuguese. You need to adapt your copy, and sometimes your products themselves, to align with Brazilians’ values, desires and emotion triggers.

Five things to consider when marketing to Brazilians:

  1. Common themes that resonate with Brazilians: family life, happiness, optimism, national pride
  2. Customer service is key: Salesforce research indicates that, out of 6,700 consumers polled in 15 countries, 89% of Brazilians stated brand experience is as important as the products themselves.
  3. Brazilians want to feel special: Creating a high-touch brand experience will likely result in customer loyalty. Product personalization can be a successful strategy – for example, offering product options that are customized to the country’s diverse regional climates.
  4. Endorsements make all the difference: Brazilian consumers are strongly influenced by social media comments, both positive and negative. They are also more likely to follow domestic endorsements vs. foreign.
  5. Payment flexibility increases purchasing power: The majority of Brazilians make everyday purchases using payment instalments. Providing payment flexibility can significantly increase sales and long-term loyalty.

For more information about how to attract Brazilian customers to your business, please reach out to us. And remember…marketing to a new language group is an efficient marketing strategy because you can:

  • Leverage your existing customer base
  • Leverage your existing copy
  • Leverage your existing marketing strategies

We look forward to helping you grow your business by turning language barriers into language bridges.