Are you taking your magazine, newsletter, or other publication to a global audience? Let us be your translation partner!

“Kim and I worked together for several years on the translation of the São Paulo Research Foundation’s monthly journal, which highlights Brazilian achievements in science. I was continuously impressed with the quality of her work, and her attention to detail is second to none. Backed by a team of high-caliber contributors, Kim often goes out of her way to suggest ideas for improvement in the original text – the mark of a true team player.”

Ricardo Cunha Lay
Salus Editora

What we can help you with

  • Translation and localization of your publication, taking into account the culture-specific values, desires, and other influencers of your target readers
  • Translation of website and marketing & communications content for promotion of your publication
  • Translation of emails and social media communications with foreign distributors and customers
  • Interpreting for virtual meetings with distributors & customers
  • Content writing and/or editing of website, email campaigns, blog & social media posts, and other marketing & communications

thinking about testing demand from a new language audience?

If you want to ‘test the waters’ before launching your publication in another language, we can help you measure demand from a specific language group by:


Creating a ‘language selection’ option for your email list sign-up 


Offering free or trial content (lead magnet) in other languages


Polling your subscribers via email and/or social media channels