In building my business, I’ve made strong connections with like-minded entrepreneurs who share my goal to make the world better.

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Connecting with Like-minded Entrepreneurs

The Forum

The Forum has supported over 10,000 women entrepreneurs since 2002 and remains committed to making sure self-identified women entrepreneurs like you feel equipped to achieve anything you set your mind to. Their educational programs, weekly networking calls, and mentorship opportunities are all focused on helping you set and achieve big goals in your business.



The Grand Connection

The Grand Connection is a supportive global community that provides education, inspiration and support you need through EDUnetworking to reach your Grand Potential. Events include masterclasses, speaker events, member mingles, podcasters group, authors group, coaches group, and more!

Marketing , Brand Strategy & Website Design

The Designist Studio

Brand strategy and website design for coaches and consultants in the business space who want to elevate their online presence, grow their audience and book more ideal clients.

Ruha Thurairatnam

iilo Creative Alliance inc.

iilo Creative Alliance inc. (“ee-lo”) is a virtual creative services agency in Western Canada. We deliver communication design solutions for progressive impact businesses and organizations. We thread together solutions to your serious challenges and make sure you have a seriously-positive experience working with us!

Lisa Hemingway, Co-owner, Director of Creativity & Opportunities 

Alison K Consulting

Helping small but mighty teams convert the curious into clients. Offering lead generation consulting via email marketing, SEO and website conversion. Empower your team with strategy and training for incredible mission-aligned results.

Alison Knott

Branding by Beth

Branding by Beth is a digital marketing & design business focused on brand strategy and website design.

Beth Hunt

Rachel Lee Personal Brand Strategy

I help impact-driven entrepreneurs build a kickass personal brand and feel confident in the way they present themselves online. I can help you refine your brand identity, clarify your messaging, redesign your brand “wardrobe”, and strategically apply that branding to your social media and website so that your brand actually feels like YOU!

Rachel Lee

Sandhi Social Marketing Training

Offering social media marketing advice & training; private 1:1 sessions and online courses & workshops ~ Juhli Selby is an award-winning marketing instructor who has educated hundreds of professionals & small business owners on how to use social media tools effectively. She’s an enthusiastic and patient teacher, who helps clients to explore the social web with confidence, so they can connect and build relationships to support business goals.

Juhli Selby, Social Media Marketing Specialist, Trainer & Coach

Sustainability & Social Impact

Business 4 Social Good

We serve small & medium sized female owned businesses who are ready to step into an expanded purpose, meaning, and vision for their business, and contribute in a powerful way toward a sustainable world by using their business as a force for good.

Deb Alcadinho

Meraki Coaching – Canada

At Meraki Coaching Canada we support internationally trained professionals to overcome the multiple roadblocks that newcomers face in their careers based on where they are at in their own emotional-migration process.  With unique coaching programs specifically designed for professionals graduated overseas, we promote the mental health, empowerment and development of our multi-cultural clientele. Based in Edmonton, AB, our services are currently offered online in English and Spanish across different countries like Canada, US and Latin America.

Ana-Maria Ortega
Founder & Certified Career Business, Leadership and Life Coach



Photography by Angela McConnell

I help small business owners to move away from stock and template images by creating custom branding photography to show them working in their business. And I also offer business portraits and headshots for use on corporate or social profiles. I love to work with people who feel awkward or camera-shy to create images they’re proud to use.

Angela McConnell

Course Creation, Launch & Scaling

Tami Schweber Consulting

I help seasoned coaches and consultants who want to stop trading time for money, scale their impact into an online course or program. My proven frame-work takes you from Offer Refinement all the way to Launching your first pilot run. Book your discovery call here.

Tami Schweber

Business, Sales & Finance Coaching

Sydney Fletcher

Sydney Fletcher is a life coach who is passionate about authentic and heartfelt entrepreneurship. She helps solopreneurs navigate the vulnerable aspects of starting and running a business. With tailored strategies, non-judgemental support, honest feedback and consistent encouragement, solopreneurs are able to find the clarity, confidence and self trust they need to build a business and life that they love. 

Sydney Fletcher

The Radical Connector

Marketing and sales coach for service-based entrepreneurs who are working their buns off but not getting clients or making money. I teach attraction marketing and consent-based sales skills so entrepreneurs can connect with the right people who are already looking for them, money in hand, and co-create the sales journey together!

Lindsay Johnson

Eagle Business Coaching

Operating from Edmonton, AB with clients nationwide, we offer business coaching and consultancy for business owners and leadership teams that pursue a realistic connection between their 3Ps: People-Profits-and-Purpose, through efficient processes, collaborative culture, and sustainable business strategies.  In other words, we turn obsolete revenue-based business models into impactful-and-scalable companies, where every single member of the organization is empowered to grow.

Ana-Maria Ortega
Founder & Certified Master Business, Leadership and Workplace Coach

Koddo & Co. Consulting Inc.

Jacinthe is a Canada-based financial coach, educator, and the founder and CEO of Koddo & Co. As a serial entrepreneur with 6 businesses started, 4 failures, and 2 growing successes, Jacinthe has learned the ins-and-outs of business finance over the last decade. She is now on a mission to increase financial literacy in, and sustainability of, women-led businesses. Jacinthe does this work through group programs, 1:1 financial coaching and Contract CFO services.

Jacinthe Koddo

Lauren Best Collaborative

Lauren is a Business Experience Designer & Certified Hypnotherapist helping Solopreneurs scale up their businesses to create more time, money, and energetic freedom by co-creating the balance between how you operate your business using systems or new ways of working with how you create an experience for your clients that uses your superpowers and allows you to leverage your wisdom.

Lauren Best

Aeracura Creative

Aeracura Creative is a digital space for wellness practitioners to learn about building and growing their online, service-based businesses from values-aligned and supportive creative freelancers. Learn, take action, and find collaborators in any aspect of showing up online where you currently feel stuck or blocked. We offer masterclasses and connections for spiritual entrepreneurs with the goal of getting wellness in front of as many eyes, minds, and souls as possible. Often wellness and spirituality go hand-in-hand, and we want to lean into the magic of femininity in the new paradigm. Our communities of practitioners and freelancers connect over listening, collaboration over competition, supporting each other, trusting our intuitions, and alignment with our individual innate gifts and talents. 

Carly Mantik 


Project, Admin & Tech Support

KOJA Consulting

KOJA Consulting offers professional project management services, specialising in part-time projects. KOJA strategically boosts your team’s capacity, skill set, experience, and focus to achieve a successful project outcome, whether it’s a 2-month or 2-year goal. One of KOJA’s popular packages is a ‘Discovery Phase’ to help teams properly define what it is that they need. KOJA also develops RFP’s, policies, procedures and workshops. 

Mel Ifada

Techity Consulting

  • Custom setup of your business online
  • Technology audit/assessments
  • Website integrations
  • Security certificate troubleshooting
  • Security awareness trainings
  • Managed IT support services

Ruth Aliu

Proposal Writing & Presentations

Jametec Inc.

We help small businesses respond to government RFPs and get government contracts. Any purchase of goods over $25,000 and services over $40,000 goes out to public tender and many are underbid because small businesses 1) don’t know the bid is out there or 2) don’t have the time to prepare a compliant bid. 2.0% of our profits are donated to

Allison McMillan


Memorable Presenter Consulting

I help detail-oriented presenters give much better presentations using the brain science of how people learn and remember. I help individuals and organizations whose employees give presentations on the organization’s behalf.  I help with organizing a speech to be memorable and engaging, creating slides that enhance the presentation not distract from it, and tools to help presenters be more confident.

Brenda Benham

Grant Funding

Granted Consulting

Granted helps Canadian businesses get approved for hiring, training, research and market expansion grants. With services like grant discovery, writing, management, claim and auditing, Granted has everything a business needs to get grants funded. Best of all, Granted boasts a 93% grant approval rate, so you can be confident that your grant funding will be approved. 

Renold Liu

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