Self-published Authors

We understand that translating your book might be a big step for you.

We want to help make sure your book – once translated – genuinely connects with your readers, as if you had written it in their native language.

Are you worried your book will get 'lost in translation'?

Translating your book is one of the best ways to grow your reach and impact, increase sales and revenue, and establish your expertise. But if you’re new to translation, we want you to know that it’s possible to convey your message accurately in another language, while ensuring your voice and writing style come through. 

We have a passion for supporting impact-driven authors & entrepreneurs – particularly those dedicated to wellness for people & the planet – to grow their reach globally. We want to help make sure your translated book genuinely connects with your new readers, as if you had written it in their native language. How do we do this? We start by understanding:

  • Your WHY for writing the book
  • WHAT you want the reader to take from your book
  • HOW you want the reader to feel after reading your book

Even if you’re not quite ready to translate your book, we’d love to chat with you and answer your questions.

“An incredibly positive and well-connected entrepreneur, Kim has been invaluable in managing translation projects for me. She has repeatedly delivered high caliber content and expertise within tight deadlines, and she’s done so with a smile. I would not hesitate to recommend Kim and her talented, detail-oriented team. I am confident I will have her on speed dial for the foreseeable future.”

MaryJo Wagner
Freelance Writer and Editor

What we can help you with

  • Translation of your book, making sure your voice and writing style are maintained while connecting with your readers in their native language.

  • Consulting on adapting your book title & cover, chapter titles, and imagery to your readers’ culturally-driven values, desires, & other influencers.
  • Translation of website and other marketing content that supports the promotion of your book

  • Translation of digital marketing emails and social media communications with foreign distributors and customers 

  • Interpreting for virtual meetings with distributors & customers who speak other languages

thinking about testing demand from a new language audience?

If you want to ‘test the waters’ before launching a book in another language, consider:


Creating a ‘language selection’ option for your email list sign-up 


Polling your followers via email and/or social media channels