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Kim JacobKim Jacob | President & Founder

As a fundraising and communications professional for more than 25 years, Kim merged her passions for social causes, languages, and communications with the launch of Arvorei Communications Group. Combining her strengths in communications strategy, marketing, writing, translation and editing with a personal interest in health, wellness and a thriving world, Kim is supporting organizations with a mission to do good by helping them multiply that good through customer-focused communications.

With the experience of living in Brazil for 11 years (2006-2017), Kim returned to Canada with a new appreciation for communications across cultures and a desire to support businesses in reaching new cultural audiences. She has built a global team that shares her high standards for quality and reliability. Kim holds a degree in Commerce from the University of British Columbia. She lives in Vancouver, Canada with her husband Fernando and their two boys, Nicolas and Lucas.

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Sharon MuracoSharon Muraco | Vice President

For as long as she can remember, Sharon has been intrigued by new cultures and languages and the many rich experiences that lie within them. As a teen, she was instantly captivated with traveling while on an exchange in Italy, and by 23 was living, working and traveling in South America. It was then that Sharon began to realize the value in effective communication and the importance of knowing your audience – this has been an area of focus in her professional development ever since.

From the math classroom to non-profit/impact investment sectors, and the corporate acquisition of a Brazilian start-up, Sharon has spent the past 25 years working with organizations to improve communication across cultures, languages and platforms. A native of Buffalo, New York, Sharon lived 13 years in Brazil, as well as many years on both the east and west coasts of the United States. She earned a Master’s in Education/Leadership at the University of New Hampshire Durham and lives in Buffalo with her husband Leo and son Frederico.

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Jasmine Heesaker
Jasmine Heesaker  | Translation, Editing & Content Creation – English

Born and raised on the prairies in Manitoba, Canada, Jasmine has a Bachelor of Arts with a double-major in French-English Translation and French Literature from the Université de Saint-Boniface. She began her career as an in-house translator for a large market research firm and is now a freelance translator and owner of The Articulate Owl, specializing in marketing and advertising content. Having lived abroad, Jasmine is passionate about language and culture and has enjoyed studying German, Japanese and Icelandic.

Jasmine joined Arvorei in 2018.

Tracy MiyakeTracy Miyake | Translation & Editing – English

Tracy is a transplanted New Yorker living in Paraná, Brazil. She has been working with writing and editing since university, and added translation after graduating from Cornell and beginning her career in Japan. In 2006 she moved to Brazil and transitioned from Japanese to Brazilian Portuguese, and continues to translate into English. In 2017 she was certified by the American Translators Association. She works mainly in the applied and life sciences: forestry, agriculture, energy, applied sciences, medicine (human and veterinary).

Tracy joined Arvorei in 2013.

Tom JamiesonTom Jamieson | Translation & Editing – English

Born and raised in Cambridge, England, Tom has a degree in Computer Science from Queen Mary University of London. He moved to Brazil and began translating in 2013. He is a member of the Brazilian Association of Translators and Interpreters (ABRATES) and specializes in technical, scientific, and environmental documents, particularly reports and articles for research publications. More than just a translator, he is a passionate and meticulous reader, writer, and language enthusiast.

Tom joined Arvorei in 2014.

Sebastien JottardSébastien Jottard | Translation & Editing – French

A native of Belgium, Sébastien is a graduate of the Higher Institute of Translators and Interpreters (ISTI) in Brussels. Working as a freelance translator since 2012, and owner of LCDM Translations, he is specialized in the following subject areas: technical, scientific, international relations and European affairs. Sébastien is a multi-linguist with fluency in French, English, Spanish and Polish.

Sébastien joined Arvorei in 2015.

Joanie GaudreauJoanie Gaudreau | Translation & Editing – French

Born in Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec (Canada) and having lived in Ontario since the age of 10, Joanie is one of the few who can say she is native of two languages – English and French. With a diploma in Journalism – Print from Sheridan College and a BA in French Literature, Joanie has extensive experience in corporate communications and social media. She has worked primarily in communications and French translation for companies in the marketing and advertising industry.

Joanie joined Arvorei in 2015.

Carolina WalliterCarolina Walliter | Translation & Editing – Portuguese

Based in Rio, Brazil, Carolina is a professional conference interpreter, translator, and copywriter with over seven years’ experience in creativity-driven projects. As a communication problem-solver, she is committed to working well with words and people. Carolina contributes to the translation community with her blog, Pronoia Tradutória, where she addresses some of the challenges she and her peers face as language service providers.

Carolina joined Arvorei in 2016.

RenildaRenilda Figueiredo | Editing – Portuguese

Renilda is a teacher, reviser and translator based in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Languages from the Federal University of Minas Gerais and has completed post-graduate studies in Spanish and Portuguese, with a focus on translation. She has worked in publishing for more than 12 years as both a reviser and translator of Spanish and Portuguese. Since 2005, Renilda has also been a Portuguese and Spanish language instructor in public high schools in her state.

Renilda joined Arvorei in 2012.

Mario de FreitasMario de Freitas | Translation & Editing – Portuguese

Mario is a technical translator based in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. With a Bachelor degree in Finance from the University of Brasilia (UnB – 1990) and a degree in technical translation from the American School of Brasilia (1986), he specializes in technical/engineering, business/finance and legal/contract translation. Mario has 32 years’ experience in the industry, Mario has worked with both Brazilian and international companies including AmBev, Albany, WorleyParsons and SNC-Lavalin.

Mario joined Arvorei in 2014.

Victoria CabezasVictoria Eusebia Cabezas López Santiago | Translation & Editing – Spanish

A native of Spain, Vicky is a long time resident of Brazil, where she has worked as a professor and translator for more than 30 years. As course coordinator at the Federal University of Minas Gerais (Belo Horizonte, Brazil), Vicky is a professor of Spanish for the Department of Languages. She also provides translation and revision services to masters and doctoral students, as well as the university’s in-house publisher: FALE/UFMG.

Vicky joined Arvorei in 2012.

Larisa EstecheLarisa Esteche | Translation & Editing – Spanish

Based in Córdoba, Argentina, Larisa has a degree in translation from the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba. With a passion for travel, in 2013 she launched her translation career with a focus on hospitality and tourism. She specializes in technical and audiovisual translation and is also a volunteer translator and reviser for TED Talks and Translators Without Borders.

Larisa joined Arvorei in 2018.

Paula DeangeliPaula Deangeli | Translation & Editing – Spanish

A native of Argentina, Paula has combined her passions for language, literature and culture in her work as a freelance translator. In addition to extensive studies in the field of engineering, Paula has completed specialization translation courses in the areas of engineering, science, medicine and pharmacology. Based in Santa Fe, Argentina, she is currently completing her Certificate of English Literary and Technical-Scientific Translation at ISP No. 8 “Almirante Guillermo Brown”.

Paula joined Arvorei in 2018.

Ana MendesAna Mendes | Translation & Editing – Portuguese

A language enthusiast from childhood, Ana has applied her strong communication skills to her work as a translator since 2009. As an artist, she believes in approaching translation as an art form, and she is passionate about conveying meaning in a different language as accurately, elegantly and naturally as possible.

In 2008, Ana completed a Bachelor in Portuguese and English with a major in Literature from the Federal University of Paraná. She also has degrees in Performing Arts (2016) and Acting. When not translating at her home office in Curitiba, Brazil, Ana is sure to be found at rehearsal – be it dance, voice, theater or all of the above.

Ana joined Arvorei in 2018.

Neyf AlmeidaNeyf Almeida | Translation & Editing – Portuguese

Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Neyf majored in international relations and has completed post-graduate courses in Business Administration (Brazil), and HR and Project Management at Cornell University in New York. He has also completed numerous language and translation certificate programs in Brazil, Germany, England and the United States.

Combining his business education and native proficiency in English, German and Portuguese, Neyf has been working as a freelance translator for many years, serving clients in Brazil and Germany. His areas of focus include: business, marketing, finance, patent and legal documents. He is a ProZ certified translator and a member of the American Translators Association and Translators without Borders.

Neyf joined Arvorei in 2018.

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