Is your not-for-profit serving, or being supported by, people who speak different languages? We can help you deepen those relationships and make an even greater impact!

“Arvorei made a special contribution to First United’s redevelopment project by facilitating communication with our Japanese and Chinese neighbours. We are most appreciative of their translation work, which has helped our relationships with these communities progress smoothly by communicating our plans and recognizing the needs of all involved in their native languages.”

Dr. Carmen Lansdowne, PhD, Executive Director
First United Church Community Ministry Society · Vancouver, BC

What we can help you with

  • Translation of website and marketing material, including video subtitling and voice-over
  • Translation of emails and social media communications with beneficiaries and/or donors
  • Interpreting for virtual meetings with beneficiaries and/or donors
  • Content writing and/or editing of website and marketing material
  • Grant writing for foundation funding
  • Content writing and/or editing of donor reports, email campaigns, social media posts, and other donor communications

thinking about testing demand from a new language audience?

If you want to ‘test the waters’ before launching content in another language, we can help you measure demand from a specific language group by:


Creating a ‘language selection’ option for your email list sign-up 


Offering select marketing material in other languages


Polling your customers via email and/or social media channels