App & Content Creators

If you’re looking to offer your app, course, blog, podcast, or other content in another language, we are here to guide you through the translation & adaptation process.

“I have worked directly with the Founder and President, Kim Jacob, on large-scale website and marketing content projects. She has always circled back to ensure 100% satisfaction and worked with me on very tight project deadlines. I commend the organization on the quality of work, turn-around, and competitive pricing.”

Jenny Reilly
CEO, Jenny Reilly Consulting · TEC Chair, TEC Canada

What we can help you with

  • Translation of digital print, audio or video content

  • Voice-over of translated audio or video content

  • Subtitling of translated video content

  • Translation of marketing & communications copy
  • Translation of responses to customer emails & social inquiries

  • Interpreting for virtual meetings with customers

  • Writing and/or editing of course/blog/podcast content

  • Writing and/or editing of copy for websites, newsletters, blogs, social media posts, etc.

thinking about testing demand from a new language audience?

If you want to ‘test the waters’ before launching a course in another language, we can help you measure demand from a specific language group by:


Creating a ‘language selection’ option for your email list sign-up 


Offering free content (lead magnet) in other languages


Polling your customers via email and/or social media channels