Arvorei Services

Whether you are a product-based business or work in the education and coaching arena, we help you engage with customers in their native language and reach new language audiences. From adapting and translating product-related content and marketing & communications copy to providing a communication bridge with your customers (until your team speaks their language), we are here to support your cross-cultural communications strategies. We are a collective of translators and content writers who share a common purpose: to make the world a better place through language. And because we do this work from a place of passion, we care about the quality of the work we deliver to each client.

Translation & Localization Services

We know that you have invested a lot into creating products and services that deliver true value to your customers. And that, when you decide to make your content available to people of another language segment, you want the translation of your content to not only deliver the same value, but you want your new language customers to feel you care enough about them to make sure your content feels familiar to them, as if it had been written in their language in the first place. 

Let’s first define our Translation & Localization services:

Translation: Converting content in one language to another, ensuring it flows naturally in the target language while maintaining the original meaning and style of writing.

Localization: Adapting translated content, copy and images to the cultural values, traditions, norms and other influences. While a good translation will address cultural conventions (such as writing the date, time, currency, measurement, etc.), localization ensures the content is familiar for the new audience, as if it were written in their native language in the first place.

Transcreation: When translating marketing content, including video scripts, blog posts, and book titles, the translation is rewritten in the target language to ensure the cultural meaning is retained for the target audience. 

Subtitling: Translating content for video format. This can include transcription of the original text, translation to the target language by time frame, and placement of the subtitles on the video.

Proofreading & Revision: Reviewing a pre-translated text for errors and correcting those errors to ensure the quality of the final translation.

We can support your translation & localization needs for the following types of projects:

Product-related Content 

  • Webinars & course content (print, audio, video)
  • Product packaging (for Canadian label compliance & global markets)
  • Books & publications

Marketing & Communications Copy 

  • Websites, landing pages & pop-ups
  • Customer emails & newsletters
  • Social media posts
  • Internal communications (i.e. operations manuals)

Our Expertise

Our team of translators represent more than 20 countries across North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. Each working as solopreneurs or in partnership, they are a collective of professionals with vast education and experience in translation and localization in a variety of subject areas including health & wellness, environment, sustainable fashion, renewable energy, human rights, international development, marketing, and many more. 

Content Writing & Editing 

Whether you are ready to expand globally and need content written for another language segment, or you need support to get your website copy updated, we can handle your content writing & editing needs. 

We can help you with the following types of projects:

  • website updates and blog articles
  • course content
  • product packaging and descriptions
  • customer newsletters

Our Expertise

Arvorei’s content writing and editing team cover English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Chinese. Their expertise spans health & wellness, environment/sustainability, human rights, and marketing.

Customer Concierge: your bilingual communication hub

The Arvorei Team can be a communication bridge between your team and your customers until you have the capacity to hire bilingual staff for direct communication in your customers’ native languages.

From a few weeks to a few months, we are here to help you deepen your connection with your customers. We offer a variety of services to suit your unique needs:

  • Creation of a bilingual library of responses to FAQs for your team to easily and quickly respond to customer inquiries.
  • Quick-time translation of customer emails and social media inquiries.
  • Interpreting services for direct calls or virtual meetings with customers.

Biocor Institute has collaborated with Arvorei since 2010, when the company began to provide translation and interpreting services to support our annual audit for international certification. The Arvorei team, under the direction of founder Kim Jacob, have always served us with professionalism and high quality work, ensuring agile communication during these audits that focus on the ongoing improvement of care to our patients.

         Dr. Erika Vrandecic, CEO
         Biocor Hospital · Nova Lima, Brazil